The Mandela Effect – What is it?

For the past few years, something has emerged as the ‘Mandela Effect’. In simple terms, the Mandela Effect is when people have problems with what they think (Or Remember) happened in the past and what actually happened. Paranormal Consultant, Fiona Broome came up with the term in 2009 after there

Lesson & Ezzy kiss and make up

Rap progresses on competition. Since the beginning of time, humans have always wanted to prove to other humans that they are better than others in everyway possible. Tsonga Rap is no different. It's more like a tradition for MCs to show off their battling skills by throwing punches at other

Miyela Mbilu Yanga

Miyela Mbilu Yanga Album Matimu Macebele (AKA: Mellow Kid) started his musical journey back in the days while he was still in primary school. In 2010 he started producing his own music with his own record label (Smokey Dogg Records) In 2012, he gained fame and kept on doing good music till

The First Rand Mixtape

The First Rand Mixtape Clement Mabasa famously known as Deleon jr or known to his fans as Cash The Inspired Ghost was born in Gauteng (Alexandra) but was raised in Limpopo (Nkovani Village) outside Malamulele. He's a Tsonga rapper/ singer, IT student, Screenwriter, voice-over artist, OBL member and the owner of Smokey

Mina Hi Mina Lyrics

Cash x L.A PEE - Mina hi mina lyrics Chorus.- Cash. You get what you see/ Nikkur I strive for success/ I'm a hustler,  you better believe/ It's true ima hustler, nipusha niphanda Hiku mina hi mina - okay Oh mina himina Then you get what you ask for Tisimu titele,  Tsonga rap namhe ipurasi ramina / Then you get

Share your music for FREE with Files Genius

Sharing your music with your fans at times can be a little pain, you have that hit you want to send to your fans, but however, you can't because you don't have the data to send to everyone on WhatsApp. Now you can with FILES GENIUS. FilesGenius is a simple platform where